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Market Analysis

• Market area definition: Socio economic trends; Respondent profile.
• Quantification of demographic information
• Attitudes and perceptions of the market: Analysis of the competition
• Preferred features, programs and amenities

Marketing and Sales

SSAI understands that creating a successful marketing strategy means much more than selecting the advertising agency. It means deliberately providing input, direction and information to ensure that the project is articulated in a clear and compelling vision that will engage the seniors market.

It means selecting and managing the project consultants and experts in order to ensure that all areas of responsibility from registration, pre sales to presentation centre launch, to sell out are scheduled, coordinated and delivered on time and within budget.

It means integrating the marketing strategy into all areas of the project, including planning, development and operations to create a seamless impression that consumers respond to well.

It means utilizing a grass-roots collaborative (community-based) approach for the marketing campaign, integrated into the local community, and providing mechanisms for ongoing visible community engagement and consultation

Management and Training of the Sales team

As part of our sales effort, we will analyze and oversee the performance and management of the sales team, identify the most desirable and probable prospects and leads for residents, conduct sales analyses (including sales productivity, performance, management and implementation of incentives), conduct sales staff training, and oversee the client intake and needs assessment.

Customer Service Community Engagement

We provide up to date information through newsletters, emails phone contact and special events
We organize move in assessments, orientation and specialized services to aid in the move /transition.

Building Community Partnerships

We develop a communications framework in order to align the local community with the project and to gain community support. We identify opportunities to share community programs and membership databases for potential leads.

SSAI - Creating Vibrant Communities for Seniors

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